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BLANKET Technology from UV-PLUS The very best blanket for extremely sharp dot reproduction on high-quality sheet-fed offset presses.. CONTI-AIR® CRYSTAL CONTI-AIR® PRESTIGE
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CONTI-AIR® ENTROPIA  CONTI-AIR® FSR Tough all-purpose blankets for sheet-fed offset as well as heatset and coldset applications.. UNIWASH
Rubber Roller best Quality. Give it a try! Lô Cao su chất lượng tốt nhất. Hảy thử dùng xem!
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ACEDIN PLANO 4105 Vinatam : for IPA free Print and Packaging v1 Fountain solution for IPA-free printing in sheetfed KEY CHARACTERISTICS ● Suited for all water qualities ● Dosage: 3 - 4 % ● IPA Dosage: 0 - 8 % ● Suited for conventional ink ● Recommended pH value: 4,8 - 5,2 ● Fountain solution for IPA-free and IPA-reduced printing ● Approved by the major press manufacturer ● Density: 1.111 g/ml ● Colour: blue PACKAGING 1100 kg IBC 650 kg IBC 230 kg plastic drum 27 kg jerrycan FEATURES AND BENEFITS Stable ink/water balance ● Consistent print quality ● No over-emulsification ● Wide printing latitude Total elimination of alcohol possible ● Strong cost savings on the purchase of isopropy alcohol ● Healthier working conditions ● Reduction of VOC Avoid calcium build up on roller and blankets ● Reduced standstills ● Increased production Strong buffer ● Ensures a stable pH-value with varying water qualities and different types of paper INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Clean the dampening circuit before using the fountain solution. Set the dosing equipment for correct dosage of the fountain solution. After completion and circulation through the systemcheck for pH and conductivity and compare with the target concentration values. TRANSPORT & STORAGE Store at room temperature. Protect from freezing, heat above 35 °C and direct sunlight. For details about health and safety, please consultthe MSDS. RECOMMENDED AUXILIARIES Rehardner: for optimum water quality System cleaner: for optimized maintenance of your fount circulation system Dampening roller cleaner: to ensure good water transport from dampening tray to printing plate Deglazer gel: to deglaze rollers and blankets from calcium build up coming from paper, ink and water.